When there is a lack of graphics for your game…

In this article we want to tell our readers about some pitfalls we fallen in. Maybe this will help someone on indie game developer’s way.

The problem – we have no artists!

Yes, it is. And it is awful. We only realized that when made our tech demo and wanted to show it to public and tell about it on Twitter and other social networks. If you have no art – it is a big problem, because people love art. In my humble opinion, they can even forgive some bad gameplay moments if art is amazing.

Of course, we can do it ourselves. I made some pixel art for my first games, but:

  1. We don’t have enough time
  2. We don’t want pixel art anymore.

Good art requires good skills. We are two technicians. To be more independent I have learnt design, photography and learning making music now, but…time!

So, if you start making indie game without an artist – don’t start it! Seriously, if you want you game to success and you are a programmer, it’s better to find yourself an artist first.

Сurrent state of our art
Сurrent state of our art

How we solve it

We are looking for artists in my university now, and it’s a tedious work. I understand HR people now very much. Art skills of people we found vary very much. We are lack on budget, so we pay about 1$ per image.

Also a lot of people don’t understand requirements: e.g. they can’t make tileable seamless texture, so we always have issues with making tasks for them. Also they aren’t so active as we supposed. And I think, it is ok for the price we pay.

We have 3 artists now, and we need a time to make some good progress. Finally, we are learning how to coordinate artists and synchronize their work too.

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