Block types in Xyonide Wars

In this article we introduce Xyonide Wars block types

Battle City -like block system

We have copied our blocks from original Battle City game and have added a few new types.
The most basic block that can be destroyed is a crystal (brick wall in Battle City). We made this block from 16 pieces (4×4) of crystal, each part can be destroied in a row by 4, by 2, or only 1 piece. There is a slightly complex algorithm to determine how much parts should be removed depending on income bullet position.

Crystal block made of 16 pieces. Not final version, I think
Crystal block made of 16 pieces. Not final version, I think

Instead of beton we use metal as unremovable block. Also we have animated water, and trees block. We thinked about adding some unique view for trees, because it is situated on another planet, but not realized yet how it should looks.

On that part Battle City blocks ended. There was an ice block in Battle City but we don’t want to add it in our game.
On the other hand, we added roots block (reduces speed by 2 times) , anomaly block (changes bullet direction randomly), crashed battle space ship block (can be moved over the map) and lava block (you can go through it in cost of some damage).

Cute tree block
Cute tree block

We have made tree block slightly bigger than the others, so it can partially cover another blocks. It looks good.

Roots block we called “swamp”, because we really wanted a swamp to be there. But we have changed our decision: we have enough fluids in our game – lava, water. Just green water “swamp” block looks less interesting for us.

Anomaly block changes billets direction, so it adds more dynamic to the gameplay. You don’t know what direction enemy bullet can come from, how it was in original Battle City game: only front, back, left, right. We also added some animation to the anomaly block – it changes color when is hit.

Crashed battle space ship blocks can be moved over the map, as we mentioned above. We going to add three space ship types: orcs asteroid, imperium space ship and chaos space ship, because we plan these 3 WarHammer fractions in the release of the game.

Super Burger base
Imperium base
Imperium base

We also think about adding a way more blocks in our game to support more game modes, not only “kill them all and save the flag”. But unfortunately, for now we are focused on networking technical aspects of the game, not the content.

We also have a base block (flag). We didn’t make it yet, so we use SuperBurger block as a placeholder (lol)!

P.S. We made imperium base building block, at last! =)

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