Damage system in Xyonide Wars

Here in this article we want to spot light on damage system in our game.

It’s all about balance between arcade and reality

We don’t pretend on reality because we are making 2D tank shooter about the future.
But we wanted to add some sence in our damage system.

So we decided to make 3 damage zones: front zone, side zones and back zone. According to reality most tanks are destroyed by shots in their back. Or in their side from the above. We multiply damage given to the tank on:

  • 0,5 if it was shooted in front part
  • 1 on sides
  • 2 in back.

Warhammer 40k: Xyonide Wars - Damage zones

This simple and strainforward system looks good. Heavy and even middle tanks are hard to destroy by shooting in front, but even heavy tank can easily destroy by 2 shots in its back. This force player to look for alternative route to destroy heavy armored enemy.

Natural covers

We also decided to add additional element in our gameplay.
On the place of every destroyed unit we make a big crater. If units stays in this hollow damage reduces twicely. This means that heavy tank taking position in such hiding place is almost indestructable! We didn’t update AI to search for such hollows but we will definitely do it.



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